Sobre Nosotros


Our history is great and full of accomplishments
  1. Our company was founded in 2010 by its founder Yosué Rodríguez.
  2. At 2012, our revenue was increase in 200%
  3. At 2016, our staff was triplicated
  4. Today, we have launched over 50 successful projects for more than 20 customers


Our corporate values govern the manner in which we do business
  • Focus on the well being of customers and employees
  • We establish long term relationships with our customers and employees
  • Our business practices are socially responsible


  • Our dynamic team has executed projects in diverse organizations; including enterprises, universities, public relations agencies and small businesses.
  • T&L developers possess over 20 combined IT certifications
  • All our employees are intrapreneurs
  • T&L technical staff is “platform fluid”. Platforms, frameworks and development languages are just a medium to solve a goal to our developers.